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2 years ago

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My sister asked me to come to his house and some of the gardens while on holiday.... I had to build a wall.. and spend a lot of land with a bulldozer mechanicle... I have to combat the ninth clock 30 a nice sunny morning... and in.. It was hard work, but hot key ID forgotton my sisters house and felt thirsty.. nieghbours next door was a very sexy young 22yrs old, bought put my house sisters, had moved right next door.. ( We call demand (.. Sue went into the garden to hang out.. and washing the eyes of her in her very short skirt, which had to rely on your underwear too tight in the LNE for me one day and youjizzlive his dream little stiff.. hung a sun really fit.... connecting straps and looked up as she smiled rye.. you look hot and wet I want one.... said cold drink.. was up and forget really ready for a cold drink and buckets of sweat, and that id wanted in his dream, youjizzlive what would hthat.. said take off your shoes and come in bad, you get a little juice from the fridge.. Dad.. I said and followed youjizzlive in his.. His partner was in the kitchen chair, the location and the two gave me a good time i enetered the room.. and when I bent down to youjizzlive sue to get the firdge my baby could see her panties Croutch IOF... good target... exposeing a very nice bulge between his legs... I must have looked back at him cos his companion smiled and said to sue.. He showed the view from now sue.. What's next claim to laugh and asked if the juice was to my liking.. or if you prefer to try a different juice immediately became hard but still a littloe care as could have been a joke for a drink.. , but luckily it was not.. her friend Sally. /.. said his compfy more in his loft room can there.... We like this.. opened the skylight to sue.. and again exposing her tight ass... and this time held pose and the look on his shoulder.. she said.. andou like playing cards... ? is a newly invented new game.. N " I agreed and we knlet on the floor and losing the band played poker.. if you lose you have to obey the order of the other two... the lyrics.. I lost the first hand and told both to give the length of my penis over my shorts.. I like the two girls ran his hands along the outside line and smiled... eachither say, looks set to have a good time enjoyable... sally youjizzlive lost against them and complain, John said well I can choose to become addicted to it..... I was very excited and told me he wants you to kiss both languages ​​and has to go at least 30 seconds.. never wavered... both approached each other and kept their eyes open... they met and their tongues flashing very fast... eachothers hands were to ask each breats Sue Sally.... and others began to undress the mark of 30 seconds was left to sue.. and now sucking nipples Sally Sally.. now... while the eyes closed and panting like s... sueUcked more difficult.. Sue stoppped and told me that they are free to join at any time.. John... I can sue knlet joke behind.. and lifted her skirt.. so my fingers to rub her panties very wet.. feelinjg the groove of her pussy... she pushed my hand in kissed my neck.. Sally 's youjizzlive mouth and found two women incredibly sexy... and I was going to fuck them both.. Sue came behind her and rubbed his cock through my shorts up and told me they did.. for her.. I did, and she wrapped her hands as she continued sucking Sally 's nipples.. mmmm, good and great, he said.. Im going to get an idea youjizzlive of ​​the.. when she turned and nodded hour I could see the face of Sally.. open eyes rubbed youjizzlive her breasts and leaned me a nice wet kisss... she whispered, "She has a great tongue.. I understand, once a week and know how good it makes you feell.. now bent my 7 inch.. Sue shares the view youjizzlive of these two stunners shareing my penis was t
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